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[VIDEO] Learn how KiyoClear Aligners and Expanders work together to create beautiful smiles.

Why Use the KiyoClear Aligner System?

Expand Your Options with KiyoClear

Born in Japan and now available in the U.S., the KiyoClear Technique was developed by Dr. Masaru Ishigame, an orthodontist with over 30 years of experience. He developed the KiyoClear Technique with this unique aligner-expander system which in many cases eliminates the need for IPR and attachments.

Based on the TVAP Theory, treating the Transverse, then the Vertical, and finally the Anterior-Posterior, the KiyoClear Technique incorporates expansion with precision tooth movement for both teens and adults.

Regardless of what aligner system you currently use, the KiyoClear Aligner System is an excellent addition to your practice for patients with excessive crowding or who could benefit from a broader dental arch.

Developed by a leading orthodontist

The technique behind the KiyoClear System was developed by Masaru Ishigame D.D.S., Ph.D., an orthodontist practicing in Tokyo who also teaches at the Iwate Medical University School of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics.

Trained as a dentist in Japan, Dr. Ishigame completed his orthodontic residency at the University of Illinois Chicago College of Dentistry where he became an early Invisalign user.

During his 30-year career, Dr. Ishigame has treated thousands of patients with aligners. It was this experience that motivated him to develop this unique approach which integrated a removable expander with aligners to create space in crowded dental arches.

Dr. Ishigame saw the need for extensive IPR and attachments as a major drawback of many aligner treatments because it decreased patient satisfaction and increased the amount of chair time required during treatment. He wanted to offer his patients a more natural approach that would preserve their teeth and leave them with broad, beautiful smiles.

Dr. Masaru Ishigame
Dr. Masaru Ishigame
Dr. Masaru Ishigame
Dr. Masaru Ishigame

Clinical Examples

Most patients finish treatment in under 12 months, making it easier for them to stay on track.
KiyoClear Before 1 KiyoClear After 1
Narrow maxillary and mandibular arches.
Slight overbite.
7 Month
KiyoClear Before 1.1 KiyoClear After 1.2
Anterior Crowding
Narrow maxillary and mandibular arches. Upper and lower anterior crowding. Slight midline shift.
10 Month
KiyoClear Before 2 KiyoClear After 2
Narrow maxillary and mandibular arches.
Lower anterior crowding.
9 Month
Expand your practice with KiyoClear

How KiyoClear Works

The KiyoClear Technique combines aligners with removable expanders for adults and teens. Designed to accommodate active lifestyles, patients wear the removable expanders only at night. The unique aligner-expander combination creates space and moves teeth simultaneously, while preserving the natural tooth enamel.

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What you need to know about the KiyoClear Orthodontic Aligner System:
Proven aligner/expander system expands and moves teeth simultaneously
Removable expanders are worn only at night
Premium soft and hard aligner materials are used at different stages of treatment
Designed with a trim line at 1mm above the gingival soft tissue for better control
Most patients finish in 10 aligner stages or less
Most patients complete treatment in less than 12 months
Virtually eliminates the need for IPR and attachments

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