Guide for Daily Care and Maintenance of Your KiyoClear™ Aligners

Guide for Daily Care and Maintenance of Your KiyoClear Aligners
  1. It is recommended to clean your aligner before each insertion. Use a soft toothbrush with water and a small amount of toothpaste or recommended aligner cleaner. With gentle circular motions clean the outer side of the aligner and also the inner side of the aligner.
  2. Do not use any high concentrated mouth wash or denture cleaners on your aligners. Do not soak them overnight in any type of dental solution. These products could damage your aligner and cause them to become more visible.
Proper Oral Hygiene
  1. Always remove your aligners prior to eating and drinking. You may drink water without removal.
  2. Brush and floss your teeth after every meal or snack prior to inserting your aligners. If a toothbrush is not available, you may rinse your aligner with warm water or rinse your mouth with water.
  3. If you have any questions on proper hygiene, please consult your doctor.
  4. During aligner use, it is recommended to have regular dental checkups and cleanings for the continued health and safety of your teeth and gums.
Storing your KiyoClear Aligners

A KiyoClear protective case has been included in your starter kit. We recommend that you store your KiyoClear Aligners in your case when they are not in your mouth. This will help prevent any damage and loss of your aligners.

We recommend that you save your previous KiyoClear Aligners in the branded bag we have provided in your starter kit. You may be asked to wear a prior set of aligners in order for your case to get back on track. These may also be used if you have lost or damage your aligner and need to wear a previous set until your replacement is made.

Always keep your current set of aligners stored in your protective case. Once you move on to your next stage place the current set into your bag and open a new stage for wearing and storing in your protective case.

NOTE: Store your previous aligners in your protective starter kit up and away from small children or pets.