Guide to Aligner Accessories

Guide to Aligner Accessories

You might be wondering about the stuff that came in the box with your KiyoClear Aligners and Expanders. Let’s take a look.

Aligner Chewies

Aligner chewies help seat your aligners. Sometimes when you first put in a new aligner stage, the aligner is tight and you find it difficult to get it completely on.  That’s where the chewies come in. They look like little sponge rolls. Place one between your teeth and bite down. It is helpful to hold the chewie between your fingers to place it precisely where you need to seat your aligners, moving it across the arch, biting down and chewing to make sure your aligners are on. You should always rinse the chewies after you use them.

OAP provides instant cleaning of KiyoClear Aligners and takes only 60 seconds to use. The carefully formulated, proprietary cleaning solution is effective at cleaning and sanitizing all types of braces and clear tooth alignment systems, killing 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs on contact. It also removes stains, plaque and offensive odors.

OAP is BPA, persulfate and chlorine-free, and is completely safe to use on KiyoClear Aligners, as well as KiyoClear storage containers. It is a gentle and mild cleaning agent that won’t cause discoloration of the plastic or result in abrasion of any surface material. If you run out of OAP Aligner Cleaner, you can purchase more at Amazon.

Aligner Removal Tool

As you may need chewies to get your aligners on, you will probably need the aligner removal tool to get them off.  Because of the shape of the aligners, it may be difficult to get a good grip on them to pull them off.  That’s where the aligner removal tool comes in. Using the removal tool you can push your aligners away from your teeth so they are easy to grip and remove.  Be sure to clean your removal tool in between uses.

Aligner/Expander Storage Case

You should always use your aligner case to store your KiyoClear Aligners and Expanders. Carry it with you so you have it when you need to remove your aligners for eating, drinking and cleaning. It is never a good idea to wrap your aligners in a paper napkin or leave them on your bathroom sink where they could end up lost or on the floor.  If you should lose your KiyoClear Aligner/Expander case, you can ask your dentist for a replacement or purchase one on Amazon. Make sure you get a case with ventilation holes. You never want to store your aligners in a sealed container where moisture gets trapped, promoting bacteria growth.

Other Accessories you should consider buying

Making sure your aligners fit, keeping your aligners and expanders clean and storing them safely all play a role in successfully completing your KiyoClear Aligner treatment. If you have any questions about your KiyoClear Aligners or Expanders contact your dental office.