Wearing and Using Your KiyoClear Aligners

Wearing and Using Your KiyoClear Aligners
Here are some helpful instructions on how to properly use and care for your aligners and to minimize any damage to them.
Always Remember To:
  1. Wear your aligners per your doctor’s instruction which is usually 20-22 hours per day.
  2. It is always important to wash and dry your hands prior to handling your aligners.
  3. In order to ensure proper fit of your aligner, it is best to handle ONE aligner at a time.
  4. Prior to wearing your aligner for the first time, please rinse your aligner once removed from the packaging.
Aligner Insertion:
  1. Make sure you have removed the proper aligner for either your upper or lower teeth.
  2. Your aligners are marked with your ID number, a “U” for upper and an “L” for lower followed by your stage number.
  3. When inserting your aligner, gently start to push the aligner over your front teeth first. Then by applying equal pressure using both fingertips to the tops of your left and right molars until the aligner snaps into place.
  4. If your aligners do not snap into place at first, use an aligner chewie to help seat them.
Aligner Removal:
  1. On one side of the aligner, use your fingertip or the aligner removal tool on the outside of your back molar to gently pull the aligner away from your molars.
  2. Repeat this process on the other side of your mouth prior to fully removing the aligner.
  3. Once the aligner has been removed from the molar region, gently slide your finger toward the front of the aligner until the aligner has been fully removed.